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OK: I need some pointers for a web new project


Perry Mowbray:
How to explain? I need to produce a web page/site crafted for a touch (mobile) environment.

The basis will be a page with a scenic photograph with links to other sites.

What I want to do is have something like an image map so that visitors can see the opportunity to follow a link and follow it if they chose. Because touch has no hover or mouseOver my desktop standards of tooltip and imagemap title fail. I'm wondering about something like a map pin (graphic) over the image as the 'prompt' that there's something there... and click opens a jQuery tooltip? but not sure where to start or if there are other possibilities?

Then (once that's sorted) I'd like to be able to have something like a vote up / vote down functionality to the links. Come to think about it, I'd like to have comments too, but it'd be horrid if it got spammy, so I don't know if there are some smarts that could be employed? Can you limit by location? The site will be accessed via mobile from the same location.

And for extra points: what's the easiest way to allow users to share a photo they've just taken on their phone? I mean upload to the site... and again, I wouldn't want it to get spammy.

All pointers gratefully received!   :-*  It's for a new piece I'm planning for an outdoor sculpture exhibition


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