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CintaNotes Giveaway + 30% Discount

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Really like CintaNotes, one of my most used software ever, very cool giveaway too  :up:

Just in time! oh wait ;D

Oh well, missed another one.
Appreciate the 30% discount to DonationCoders though.  :Thmbsup:

And the last giveaway license goes to... tomos (Tom)! Congratulations, please send to [email protected] your name and nickname to receive the key!

rgdot, Jibz, bob99 - appreciate the kind words, I'm terribly sorry, but now only 30% discount!

Oh wait, no, there's still a way to get a free license - if you help us promote CN and publish an article about CintaNotes on your site.

Great gesture, Alex, and just as an aside- Alex has been a contributor to DonationCoder before, and really helps out with these kinds of promotions.  If anyone wants to do a mini-review of what you like about it, I'm sure he'd appreciate it!  I'll help to contribute... but I'm a bit swamped right now with work...  :-[


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