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CintaNotes Giveaway + 30% Discount

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CintaNotes, a lightweight note-taking tool for Windows,
is now announcing a special DonationCoder giveaway of 10 CintaNotes PRO licenses!

They will be awarded to the first 10 people to reply in this thread!
And the first one to reply will receive a Lifetime license!

Also, for the latecomers, the coupon code "DONATIONCODER2014" will give a 30% discount
up to September 30thDecember 31st. Here's the link to the order page with the coupon code applied.

CintaNotes has already been discussed here on DonationCoder.
Here's a screenshot of the application:

Oh, that's a nice gesture :Thmbsup:

I'll take it, please. :)

I would most certainly appreciate that!  :Thmbsup:

Ath, x16wda, thanks for participating and congratulations on your licenses!

Please send a short mail to [email protected] with your nickname and
"DonationCoder" tag, and I'll send you your license keys.

Licenses left: 8

Very nice, thanks for the giveaway.


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