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My Stinking, Rotten ASUS Router Died Overnight!

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ASUS RT-N16 router... State of the so-called art.  Blah!

No internet when I got up - noticed I had no lights on the router at all. Pulled the power cable and re-plugged it; lights on for a half second and then nothing. Tried all the online tips I could find: Holding WPA button while inserting power cable; holding Reset button while doing the same. Couldn't get it going at all. Apparently this has happened to some others out there. Most others were on dd-wrt F/W; I was still on the stock ASUS F/W.

New router should be delivered tomorrow. My old Linksys WRT-54G routers seemed to last forever. I used them for years and they are still in service on my kids' networks. The newer and fancier they get, the faster they die, or so it seems.   >:(


Sounds like there is a problem with getting the required power to the router. Open the box and check if a capacitor (or other component) blew in the section where power is converted from AC mains to the required DC voltage (usually 5 or 12 volts).

If replacement of the broken part is possible. Done that here with PC power supplies on occasion. Used a capacitor from a broken washing machine that matched the broken capacitor from the power supply almost perfectly. Been using that power supply for 2 years now. Even used parts from broken PC power supplies to fix a micro-wave as well.

You might be lucky as well. Attempt a repair only if the device isn't under warranty anymore, of course. When it isn't repairable, you at least got the satisfaction of breaking it up...

Thanks Shades.

Blown capacitor is the most common reason. I opened the box but none are obviously blown - none are raised or blackened.


No internet-J-Mac (August 29, 2014, 12:57 AM)
--- End quote ---

C'mon J-mac! You should know better and label threads with such horrible language as NSFL! ;D

But yeah... been there... It's a very unhappy camper situation.

It happens. Probabky due to heat build-up courtesy of poor case  airflow and cheap power bricks. I've had all the major brands go toast on me at one time or the other. Including their top of the line models.

Since a waranty replacement is cheaper for them than an adequate QC & test policy, "risk management" calculations rule the day for consumer electronics. As long as it only rarely catches fire they'll ship it.

Luck! :Thmbsup:


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