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Mystery of Death Valley's Sliding Rocks Solved

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Ronald Reagan demanded harsher conditions, which caused some friction with the Russians, delaying the signing.
-Renegade (August 28, 2014, 10:48 PM)
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Well yeah....that and the fact he wanted to keep the those odd sigils seen on the experimental German WWII "Bell" device squarely in the hands of Majestic - even after the treaty was signed. The Sovs had a part of the inscription from old photos and previous espionage attempts. But they were missing several sigils on one side of the device that had never been recorded anywhere other than some MX-Ultra classified photos taken shortly after the device was shipped to the United States just before the end of WWII.

Apparently those sigils were absolutely critical for something as the "Kecksburg Acorn" incident in PA seemed to confirm about 20 years later.

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