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Orcs Must Die 2, Crusader Kings 2 (+2 pieces of DLC) and Terraria Giveaway

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I recently got some bundle overlap and I am giving away the games. To spice things up, the games goes to whoever can tell me the worst/best joke, rather than first come first serve.

How did the hipster burn his mouth?

SpoilerHe drank his coffee before it was cool.

Why do gorillas have such big nostrils?

SpoilerBecause they have big fingers!

P.S. I don't actually want the games, but just wanted to share a joke. (c:

Oh jesus, Cthorpe. That joke was cringe worthy. So, what do you want? All of them or anything specific?

Thanks for some extra chuckles Deo. Always appreciated

Why didn't they play cards on Noah's ark?

SpoilerBecause Noah was sitting on the deck!

I don't need any games either. I just wanted to post something really lame! ;D :Thmbsup:


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