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Weird issue with computer: Volume spontaneously going to 100% at random

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Stoic Joker:
I have seen multimedia keyboards do that sort of thing when they get a bit of age on them (crank/drop the volume, fire app key X, or just put the computer to sleep), so if you have one it could be worth investigating.

All the inconsistencies that occur with USB-based keyboards...especially when they age...make me really appreciate the PS/2 keyboard that I actively use for more than 10 years. Not one key wrong except for my ability to type with drunk fingers and a sober mind.

There are exceptions to the rule with USB-based keyboards, but not that many (in my strictly anecdotal experience).

you know.. it occurs to me i do have one experimental program that does mess with the volume settings.. my own Multi Photo Quotes..  Perhaps it is to blame..  Checking..

While not the same issue, I had a recent one that took many hours over several months to solve. It came down to a setting in the audio card driver causing the issue (which it shouldn't have).

If you can turn off all audio driver settings, it might help.

If you're doing anything remotely interesting, check to see if any calls you're making rely on something at a lower level. Sometimes there are oddities that can happen, and you may have inadvertently created something like a race condition or god knows what.

I'm pretty sure now that the problem was, embarrassingly, caused by an older version of my own program, Multi Photo Quotes.  Installing the latest version seemed to solve it.


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