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The Movie and Book Writing Thread

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It's not in all reality a 'test'.  That was just a joke.  It's actually professional level editing for free, and not just of grammar or spelling, but of the actual structure of the piece.  And if you're planning to do something with your writing, it's worth its weight in gold.  Once you submit your writing- to a publisher, a contest, or even on your blog- that editing is going to make all the difference.

^Like a 'book doctor'? For free? Wow, that's very commendable and unusual.
Usually people charge considerably for that kind of thing. :)

I couldn't decide whether to comment in this or mouser's Be prepared against ransomware viruses... thread, and decided this post is more a literary than a technical observation.
Ransomware viruses remind me of an AI form of the movies Black Widow and Praying Mantis (1993); the virus enters the computer's domain under the guise of romance, enchants the victim, then turns serial killer extorting for money.

I've continued to write, since authoring Kyrathaba Rising in 2013. Three more books, each under a different pseudonym. My average income from Kindle/Audible over the past six months is about $115 per month. So it's fun-money. I play with it.

I cash in a lot better on proofreading/rewriting. Of course, I've been cultivating connections with authors via FB, G+, and LinkedIn for a couple years, now.

Nothing in the works right now, so if anyone has a co-authorship idea or some group writing project, I'd like to hear about it.

Here's a little script that'll run in the background and correct up to 4500 common mistakes, AS YOU MAKE THEM, in whatever editor you're typing...


I broadly agree on the problems of redundancy, but it might be a little different about visual ones such as "black colored shirt", because sometimes that can give a listener a useful added second to process the visual cue.

I also wonder how you can completely remove "suddenly" if that's an aspect of the story. You're reading this post, when


Suddenly Bette Midler appears!


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