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DOCX in html file?


â—¾Windows PowerShell Networking Guide - DOCX
Windows PowerShell Networking Guide_docx - Microsoft Word Online_aspx.mht

I sure would like to know why they did this  :huh:
I don't recall ever seeing this done and ruined the downloaded file trying to extract the DOCX from the MHT.. :-[
Can anyone splane???  :huh:

(PS... That link is from the DotTech list above)

Sorry, have no idea what this one is about ...

(PS... That link is from the DotTech list above)
-Cuffy (August 23, 2014, 03:03 PM)
--- End quote ---

Can you clarify - there's no link ??


There are several DOCX files in this list that are embedded in an .MHT file and I was having a helluva time understanding why and an even worse time getting them open   :huh:

May have found the answer........... when I clicked on the docx file I got an error msg that I needed Word Viewer.... do you want to install??
It installed a trial Word Viewer, a $1.49 app, an rating a whopping ONE star on the ratings list.

Finally got the files open with Word-On-Line but that's not satisfactory either   :(
Just downloaded the old Word View from MS along with the compatibility package and going to see what that will do?
Word-On-Line has to do with Onedrive I think but haven't got that far yet  :huh:
Win8, OneDrive, Russian, Greek, and women seem to complicate my life some anymore  :D

There are several of those DOCX files embedded in MHT files, primarily in the Powershell list of files..


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