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Ice Bucket Challenge...You all got nominated!

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^ I will give a local example - because I don't know if this exists in too many other places. Here in Ontario, Canada there are "lotteries" where people buy tickets for as much $100 where the money goes to similar foundations, hospitals and the like. They offer hugely expensive prizes with very good odds too (The tickets are limited to numbers like 100000). They advertise heavily too. So of that 10 million a lot is clearly marketing, not even counting the administration costs and pay which takes 3 or 4 clicks to find.

The point is this is one way to help, there are other ways but then you make a decision to seek them out, go the extra step that doesn't necessarily involve front page news or easy to remember 1800 number. The end goal is still the end goal, to put it kind of bluntly ... you make the decision to perhaps excessively reward people on the way to the goal


In fairness to the ALS Foundation, they do have a provision (according to their FAQ) where you can direct that 100% of your donation goes towards research with nothing taken out for administrative or other purposes.

That makes me much happier.

UPDATE: the ALS Foundation has since withdrawn its trademark application.

@Mouser - I don't think anybody was being negative. Just a little critical of some people feeling the need to always have drama whenever they're asked to do something. Whatever happened to giving to a worthy cause just because giving was the right thing to do?
-40hz (August 24, 2014, 11:58 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'm gonna shift the thread a bit and focus on this. Does "Charity" need "Entertainment"?

40 years ago you used to just give to X orgs. Now we need a "payback"!?

I'll grant we pay more when we get an "undercover show", but is that really where charity went to!?


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