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Ice Bucket Challenge...You all got nominated!

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Will upload the full video once I can be bothered transfering it from the other phone.

Before it was cool

Adam Kokesh's take on it.

Oh god...He started ranting about "Big Pharma" ... No longer interested in anything that guy has to say...

And...FYI, I do know about ALS ;)

Back on topic though...That water was cold as hell, mostly went down my pants...and...well...WAS DAMN COLD!

You bloody limeys must have all lost your minds   :huh:
At this time of year in the UK the temperature must be running about 40F and the sun hasn't been seen in days  :D
Inside, dry, and sipping a Pimms  Cup, or two, and some more, maybe one more , is the place to be..... :o
Wet knickers and a bucket over my head is not my idea of a good time  :-[
Maybe next time  :-\

Not to dis ALS research (which I have contributed money towards recently), but I still think the bucket of ice water thing is one of the most asinine promo/affinity stunts anybody ever came up with. It's kinda snarky too.

Dunno. Maybe it's just me, but I never found frat-house style "humor" and hijinks all that amusing. :-\


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