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Calibre 2 is out

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The book (classics.prc) is at least 6 years old by now, but still I need Mobipocket Reader, to read it.
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Curt, I just opened a .prc file in "Kindle for  PC", a freebie, and a good source of free books from Amazon   :D

This is on Win8.1/64  w/4gb mem  :huh:

Why not download Kindle for PC and import your single .prc file, stand back, and PULL the trigger  :o

I wonder which direction it is going in: Calibre thinks the file is DRMed so it doesn't open it, or it can't open it, so it marks it DRM? Because it supposedly can open most anything, and could open them in Calibre 1, and the file types didn't change in your library, I think the second possibility is not likely.
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I seemed to have my problem solved  :huh:

I removed all the Kindle files that I had copied from Calibre1/Win7 32 to Calibre2 on Win8.1 64 and then replaced them from the Kindle content folder on Win7. I also re-downloaded some files from Project Gutenburg to recheck that there was no DRM source there.
Long story short, the new load of files from Kindle content all worked fine with one exception, and when I reloaded that file from two different sources into Calibre2, one file was DRM, the other was not  :o
Files had a different byte count  :huh:
Maybe my problem developed when I tried to copy files from Calibre1 to Calibre2 or from a 32 bit to a 64 bit machine, but in any case "file corruption is the root of all evil"   8)

I seemed to have my problem solved  -Cuffy (August 29, 2014, 11:30 AM)
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My problem was the DRM protection, not the format:

I no longer has such problem.

I'm a little lost.............. :huh:

Once you removed the DRM lock did Calibre open the file  :o

My point was that Kindle for PC may require less memory than Calibre and with only a single file in the Kindle reader it may open the prc file.
If you got the file open I'll go back to my nap  :P

The epubor ebook converter is a whopping $46 - it will need a huge discount, before I would jump that wagon!-Curt (August 24, 2014, 04:18 PM)
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^ and such a discount is available just today. Because of FREE offer on Bits du Jour, they also offer a so-called lifetime key for a mere $20.

Today: 100% off. Please note: This includes free 1-year license.
But here you can also get special discount price just $19.99 (60% OFF on $49.99) to upgrade to a lifetime license! du Jour
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