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Calibre 2 is out

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but it still won't convert this DRM-protected book of mine :-(

The book (classics.prc) is at least 6 years old by now, but still I need Mobipocket Reader, to read it. This annoys me, because the book's content is 219MB text only, which really should be divided into a hundred booklets. Furthermore,  Mobi seems to never be updated.

How can I convert this dinosaur?

How can I convert this dinosaur?
-Curt (August 24, 2014, 02:59 AM)
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There's an article here that may be helpful. Read the page for info but DON'T use the suggested download link. It grabs one of those dodgey DRM removal products (Epubor) which are always caveat emptor.

Just for kicks, I downloaded the suggested software from the author's site and scanned it. It contained a trojan (yet another Packer.GEN variant) as is to be expected when you go shopping for DRM crackers.

Suggestion: if your file is just a large collection of classics, as the title seems to suggest, why not just download the individual titles you actually want to read from Project Gutenberg or other free sources? That should be a lot easier than cracking the DRM, converting 200+ megabytes to something else, and then re-chunking it into individual titles.

but it still won't convert this DRM-protected book of mine :-( ... How can I convert this dinosaur?-Curt (August 24, 2014, 02:59 AM)
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I don't know if the DRM is preventing Calibre from converting it, but you might try removing the DRM with a third-party plugin.

The large size of the ebook might be part of the problem. I like Curt's suggestion of getting the individual books or stories from Gutenberg or elsewhere.

I don't know if the DRM is preventing Calibre from converting it
-Scott_Y (August 24, 2014, 12:58 PM)
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It is. Per the User Manual:

Most purchased EPUB books have DRM. This prevents calibre from opening them.
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Unless you crack the DRM with an outside program, you're out of luck. Be aware that circumventing DRM (or sometimes even attempting to do so) may be illegal where you live - even if you purchased the title in question. So be discreet. ;)

-sorry, I should of course have made it clear that "classics.prc" means "classics = more than 80 years old" => no copyright.


... third-party plugin (August 24, 2014, 12:58 PM)
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The link ( leads to an 440KB exe! Is it a downloader of the real thing, or will it destroy my pc and leave me bankrupted? Or does one really have to pay for a Premium account, in order to download the money-saving anti-drm extension? The problem could maybe be my browser not allowing some important popup telling me what I should have done.

Here is what my safety program thinks of the exe file:

The epubor ebook converter is a whopping $46 - it will need a huge discount, before I would jump that wagon!

further modified:
The "buy"-link inside the converter gave these prices: 1 year: $36. Lifetime: $55

Unfortunately I was quick acting, but not quick thinking. At first launch, the epubor converter said something about having found some drm protected files, and asked me something. I couldn't imagine it was asking if I wanted to convert some of them for free, so my finger clicked Yes before I had understood the question - and the converter immediately converted two files. But because I not yet had understood anything, it was the "wrong" two files, the first, small files, not the big one! How stupid I feel right now.


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