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Calibre 2 is out

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Big improvements  :D

Older versions have always been slow for me, extremely so. On various OS and processors. Might try new one, thanks for the update.

Just downloaded and installed under Mint 17 (HP-i5 w/6Gb RAM)

Looks to be a nice upgrade. Seems plenty fast with 50 titles loaded as a test. Be interesting to see how it behaves with a few thousand should I "go production" with it. In the past it seemed to bog once you had several hundred titles under the roof - or opened a very large (and often poorly compiled) PDF. Especially under Windows 7. (Never tried it under Win8.) Hoping those issues have gotten better this time out.

That new editor feature intrigues me too. Can't wait to play with that a bit. :Thmbsup:


@moderator(s) - might this thread be better placed under General Software Discussion rather than Found Deals?

I think you are right.
Move it if you like  :-\

So far it seems more responsive than the last version under Win 7 with 654 books (pdf and epubs).


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