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Let's have some weekend Science and Tech! (A bit of a roundup!)

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As some of you may know, I used to do some Tech News here at DC, but as the days went on, time got a little more constrained and real life slowly took over.  However...even though I can't promise a full time thing, what I can promise, is one for you right now!!

So...Here goes!

Windowless Planes Offer Passengers Spectacular Panoramic Views:

An international design agency has come up with an intriguing and innovative new aviation concept that has won them a prestigious award - windowless jets.

Technicon Design’s idea is not to ruin your views while cruising through the air, but to enhance them. This would be achieved by filming the exterior environment and displaying it on inside surfaces throughout the cabin. Rather than being restricted to a small window, passengers would experience a spectacular panoramic views of the world. Of course, it would also be possible to display other things on the screen besides the sky, such as movies.

While this may sound gimmicky, removing windows has the added benefit of weight reduction and would also simplify plane construction. It would also allow greater flexibility when designing the interior of the plane.


Scientists Find Traces Of Ancient Star From The Beginning Of The Universe:

An ancient star has revealed traces thought to be from one of the Milky Way’s first supernovae. The discovery may help us understand the nature of the giant stars that once populated the universe.


NSA and GCHQ agents 'leak Tor bugs':

The Tor Project says it believes some NSA and GCHQ agents are surreptitiously leaking it information to protect anonymity on the net.


Super-famous Instagranimals and their owners: speaks to the people behind some of the most popular social media animals to find out how they build their audiences and what opportunities have arisen


Android web apps get extra security with privacy wrapper:

On a mobile application, users typically have a single choice to protect their privacy: install the application or not...


Hacking our ears: how Dolby is bringing Atmos into the home:

Since Dolby Atmos arrived on the cinema scene in 2012, the technology has set a precedent for movie sound.
The intricate but sparse sonic landscape of Gravity, Godzilla's guttural roar, the rain-soaked urban jungle of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... all of these have benefitted from the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor and its support of up to 128 discrete audio tracks.


Gmail app hack works 92 percent of the time:

Computer scientists have discovered a method of hacking smartphone apps across Android, iOS and Windows devices that is effective up to 92 percent of the time on six of seven popular apps, including Gmail.


Heart failure patients healthier after ear stimulation:

Heart failure patients could live healthier lives by having nerves in their ears stimulated with a portable Tens machine.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (Tens) machines are commonly used to alleviate back pain and are even used during labour. Now a team from the University of Leeds wants to adapt it to tackle health problems that are impacted by changes in the sympathetic nervous system, including heart disease and hypertension. The technique works by altering the signals that can make a heart beat too hard, by stimulating the vagus nerve.


Hackers easily seize control of nearly 100 traffic lights:

Taking over a city's intersections and making all the lights green to cause chaos is a pretty bog-standard Evil Techno Bad Guy tactic on TV and in movies, but according to a research team at the University of Michigan, doing it in real life is within the realm of anyone with a laptop and the right kind of radio. In a paper published this month, the researchers describe how they very simply and very quickly seized control of an entire system of almost 100 intersections in an unnamed Michigan city from a single ingress point.


In Other News

Ebola crisis: The economic impact:

With more than 1,300 reported deaths from Ebola in West Africa, the virus continues to be an urgent health crisis, but it is also having a devastating impact on the economies of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

"The economy has been deflated by 30% because of Ebola," Sierra Leone's Agriculture Minister Joseph Sam Sesay told the BBC.


Ice Bucket Challenge ALS Donations Break $50 Million Mark:

The organization raised $64 million in all of 2013

The Ice Bucket Challenge is the gift that keeps on giving for the ALS Association. The organization raised more than $10 million on Thursday alone, it said, bringing its total haul since July 29 to $53 million. For comparison’s sake, the group raised $2.2 million during the same period last year.

Read more at (Warning: Contains a video that Auto-Started on my browser.)

Giant Crack Appears In Earth In Mexico:

Video footage has emerged of a kilometre-long crack thought to have been triggered by an underground stream in northwest Mexico.

The eight-metre (26ft) deep trench opened up last week and severed Highway 26 between Hermosillo and the coast.

Captured by Hermosillo Desde El Cielo, the footage was shot by a drone flying along the length of the trench, which is up to five metres (16ft) across.


 :up: :up: a good mix :up: :up:

Thanks stephen, it's nice to read your roundups of tech/science news.

Appreciated Steve. Don't know where you find em' but I love reading them. :Thmbsup:

No problems at all guys :)


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