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Suggested top 30 solitaire board games

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Don't know if anybody else has this problem, but I often have trouble putting together a game night because the it's hard to find people who have the patience to learn (or the time to play) the sort of games I like. So that means playing them solitaire (where possible) more often than not.

So what to play?

Youtube-er Ricky Royal has some suggestions with his mini-review of his favorite 30 games suitable for solitaire play in a 3-part video:

Lots to look at and investigate even if Ricky sort of rambles like he does. Check it out. :Thmbsup:

Ricky Royal has a great board game channel; I watch him play/teach board games all the time.
See this thread for more good youtube board game channels.

BTW - I can vouch for Eldritch Horror by Fantasy Flight Games. I'm playing that currently. Good game. Especially if you're a Lovecraft/Mythos fan. They just released their first expansion (Forsaken Lore) for it too! :Thmbsup:

I played it a few days ago with a couple other people. Wanted to love it, thought I would love it.  Left me a little flat.
I liked the story elements but it dragged on a bit and didn't seem like there were two many interesting choices.
I'll probably give it away to someone on DC who wants to try it.

Not completely on-topic and I'm too lazy to look if this has been mentioned before here in the forum, but if you like board games you can also take a look at Youtube channel: Geek and Sundry

There is a section called: Tabletop where Whil Wheaton and Felicia Day play board games with a group of (semi-)famous people and/or friends. I have found this channel to be very enjoyable. Never thought that seeing other play could be fun, but it really is. Wasted more hours than I care to count playing boardgames/D&D (2nd Ed FTW!).

Sometimes there is coarse language, so if you are easily offended, you might not want to watch Whil uttering something when he's losing...again  ;)

Nice and big diversity in games being played on the show and captures the spirit of board gaming very well.


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