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Problem with icons in 2.213.01


I noticed that in version 2.213.01 for some of the items like my computer, recycle bin, control panel etc. farr doesn't show their icons but a console icon.

Another thing, when I change the default icon of a shortcut, farr still shows the original icon and not the new one.

This didn't happen in the previous versions of the program. Is there any way to change this behavior?

I've got the same problem. Changed a lot of icons in a shortcutfolder and the icons in FARR are blank. Strangely enough they're working when I restrict my search using an alias.


is it only shortcut icons that fail?
are they still bad when you restart the pc?

Yes, so far I've only noticed shotcut-icons missing.

Reboot doesn't make a difference.

When they are at the top, they are blank, but further down the list they repeat the icon above them.

Yes, so far I've only noticed shotcut-icons missing.
--- End quote ---

ok that's a big clue -- it's enough to let me at least go looking at what it could be.  hopefully you will be willing to try some beta versions of farr to see if i can figure it out.


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