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When are the results of the vote JJ?

Results are tonight, tonight! But there's important info to share as well. Read on...

They've got a new thing this year called the "Snapple Save" where the audience can vote from between I think 3 acts to pick one to advance, i.e. to "save" them from elimination. They are the "maybes" or something. Anyway, if Aerial Animation ends up as one of those, then she needs people to vote *live*, during the East Coast show, to get her through. So I'm going to ask for all your help again, if I may.

As far as I know this will probably happen near the *beginning* of tonight's results show, which means it starts at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific, and it will happen *before* the airing on the West Coast. The stream I linked to above is from the East Coast feed, so it would work to watch that. Abbey said it would be between 6 and 6:15PM Pacific basically, and once it's announced there is only a 30 minute period to vote. Fortunately the voting happens all online, you just search "Snapple Save" in Google after it's announced and you can vote. If you're not watching, you can even just try searching for that around 6:15 Pacific and see if she's on there.

Here's a page with some more info:
And a video, if you have access to Facebook:

The results of the "Snapple Save" will be given at the end of the show.

I'll let you all know what ends up happening. Thanks again!

- Oshyan

Awesome!  If I am still awake by that point then I shall be voting xD

Well, she's in the "Snapple Save" candidates, so she needs votes if you got 'em. One for each Google Account, just like before. Just search "snapple save" on Google.


- Oshyan

Well, it's over at last and she didn't make it through. :( It was a pretty tense finale, they were the last to find out their verdict, and it was chosen by the judges. The way they structure the show is just so stressful... Anyway, she got really far and did great, I'm very proud of her. Thanks once again to all of you who watched, voted, and read about this little moment in my life. :)

- Oshyan


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