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Talents and talent shows

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One thing that interested me with that comic strip...was how just adding those tiny little eyebrows, it added some much more "emotion" to the facial expression.
-Stephen66515 (August 26, 2014, 02:06 PM)
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south park.  they do so much with so little.  I've actually been working on my own style that is both efficient and expressive.  very cool stuff.
-superboyac (August 26, 2014, 03:44 PM)
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Do share! (Also...I think this is one of those "Talents" that JJ was talking about :P)

For anyone without TV or not in the US who wants to watch it live, here is a horribly ad-laden streaming link that usually works. Remember, it will come up at 9PM Eastern Time (6PM Pacific).

Here we go, just be warned: shields up and at maximum strength (ad and pop-up blockers, etc.)!
Usually one of those 5 streams linked at the top of the video area works. Even with ad blocker on, you may need to click the x's to close blank ads over top of the video.
This one in particular was working just now:

I shall not be watching, I'm waiting for it to show locally (9PM Pacific), so no spoilers please. ;)

- Oshyan

For those of us who can' figure out what the hell time that is for us...

How many hours is that from now? lol

It's about 10 minutes to 4(PM) here right now, which will be 7PM on the East Coast. So about 2 hours from now for the live East Coast broadcast at 9PM EDT. I'm gonna say that's 1AM GMT. Hope that's right, looks right... :D

- Oshyan

Well, if it is 2 hours from now, that would be 2am here ;) (Currently 00:08)


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