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Easy way to mark file as done?

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In XYplorer it's called "Extra Tags". For "Done" you would create a special column named "Done" with checkboxes. See here:

But, of course, those tags are not visible from other software.

Thanks Don :up:

Me think, "read-only" is a file attribute and could be set even by accident.

Wouldn't be renaming (adding a tag. e.g. a leading or trailing underscore)
or moving to a folder (e.g. sub folder "\Done") be a option?
Your used file managers would do that by a script from a button click or a keyboard shortcut.

Names with an specific scheme could even by coloured, to distinguish them in that managers,
and have the scheme to identify them in plain WinExp.


You could make the file "hidden" which would either gray it out or hide it, depending on your setting for showing hidden files.

Or you could compress it, which would color the entry blue in standard file mangler (er- manager, I meant).

Would not clearing the archive bit work, assuming your backuup method just copied everything without twiddling bits?


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