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Real RAM amount consumed

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I really try not install anything but is impossible for me to resist .

An example between thousands :

Ice Tea Replacer for replacing in multiple office files


P.D. In my experience with 4-8 GB is more than enough if you don't use VM

But for me the ideal amount of ram is more or less 196 GB. I hope someone make a motherboard for this.......


Ahh, the facts surface............
You are a SOFTWARE junkie!
There are two possibilities that may save you! Not from your addiction....... there's no known recovery from that but you might be able to save your computer.

Get sysinternals "Autoruns", fire it up, and go down the list item by item and remove the check mark in the left column for any app that is not "Essential". In most cases that means anything "you" have installed... the freeware you couldn't resist. With Autoruns you can go back and re-check any items you  feel you must have but start with the shortest list of items and reboot.
If there's no improvement with a minimum number of programs running I'm thinking you have a hardware problem.
If you get the space someday, and that download itch becomes unbearable, Google wscc and load all those utilities for your toolbox. wscc is one of the first apps that I install on a new machine........
and the download scratches the freeware itch for awhile.  :D


I am using Startup Delayer some years ago....

Who wants to be saved ? Test software is a fine pleasure. :-*

It's my duty to put the links of the splendid Cuffy about


and includes links to systernals and nirsoft . Two main utilities suites i have heard from some years ago and learning about its possibilities.....

I up the post because i continue with the problem. I don't take the screenshot i desire with the 77% of ram memory amount with less processes than the two screenshots showed. I am in despair ?.
How can I sum the real ram memory amount ?

Best Regards


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