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Share your photos! Travel shots, photoblogs, etc.

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I was shocked to find that there is apparently no thread dedicated to sharing everyone's travel, art, and other photo captures (if there is one, I must have missed it - point me in the right direction!). So I'm starting one right here and now with the selfish motive of sharing a gallery of images from a trip earlier this year (in March) to Iceland. But the unselfish part is I hope this will inspire others to share their own photos, whether amateur or professional, artistic or purely documentary, new or old. Show us where you've been and what you see through your lens(es)!

To kick things off here's Iceland Part 1 (of 3)

- Oshyan

Warning: Do not visit Oshyan's galleries if you easily become jealous of other people's vacations.. He has some killer photos.

^ yeah, very nice :-*


Thanks everyone. Now share yours!

- Oshyan


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