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[Help] I want to remove some entries from the context menu

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Everytime I right click my mouse, choose New, there's a long list of new things I could make, however, I just want to leave only one entry: New text document. I'd like to remove all of them as well as adding some of my frequently used file extensions, but can't find where to start.

I know PowerToy for WinXP could do that, but I don't want to install it just to remove some entries, then uninstall it completely. Is there any software out there only have this feature?

If not, could you tell me how to this manually? I like to edit the registry much, so it's not a problem  :(

Carol Haynes:
If you download TweakUI from Microsoft (check you get the right version for your Windows version) it allows you to remove "New" entry items with a single click. If you do a Google search for TweakUI you should find it easily.

As I said, I know TweakUI from Microsoft could do this task, but I'm looking for an app that do only this task, not any thing else.  ;)
TweakUI is a all-in-one tweak program, and it's not what I'm interested in.

Well, cleaning the registry by hand could be a long way.
You have to go to classes root, search for "ShellNew"-key unter unwanted .* extension entry
like CLASSES_ROOT\.doc\ShellNew | NullFile

A tool 4U could be
Web Site:

others are
jv16 RegCleaner
jv16 PowerTools (last uncripped freeware)
EasyCleaner from
RegSeeker from

all must only be unzipped, or installed once only, then copy the install folder

Thank you very much, AbteriX ;D

It works like charm. Just have to delete these unneeded keys and my context menu is better than ever!  :-*


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