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simple file (dll) searcher

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I'm looking for an easy way to search my vst plugins folder for .dll's only.
so i just type in 'sam' and all the dlls with 'sam' in show up.
I'm using win7,and a sequencer called energyXT,but my vst folder is too big and is slowing down the program,so I've been searching in win7,then you can drag n drop the dll onto the sequencer,
but win7 search brings up all manner of files (txt,sem,wav etc) too.
I've been trying out various freeware searchers,but can't seem to make them search only for dlls.
they have 'filters' which exclude,but don't include file extentions.
it could be me not grasping the rules.
but a special vstplugin searcher would be cool,it could supply other useful info eg:developer/company name/instrument or effect/number of audio/midi ins and outs.
but a very simple window with a one-click search would be great.

Here's an example using Nir Sofer's freeware SearchMyFiles, which uses separate windows for parameters and results:
simple file (dll) searcher

thanks,i just found that,thank you.
yes the 'wildcard' option works!
where do you put the filename you're searching for?

You might like to look at the Everything (FREE) search tool. It's very simple and straightforward, and fast. I use it all the time, for most of my file searches. (I use xplorer² and Windows Desktop Search when I'm not using Everything.)
Example screenshot:

simple file (dll) searcher

thanks for the help,though i don't want to have to type in '.dll' everytime,only the name of the dll i am searching for.
and only in one location,my vstplugins folder and not to show folders or any other results.
and i need to be able to save that search to taskbar for a one-click search.
i'm finding the options in these apps a bit confusing.


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