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GTK+ and complexity (and OSS in general)


So, I figured I'd start looking at using GTK-sharp and getting on the OSS bandwagon.

I was dissuaded by the fact of trying to use it. :(

I started with Tomboy... a nice note taking app.

It's working on two machines now.  But only after installing a horrendous amount of things.

That just seems... crazy.  And it's more than a bit offputting.  Does that seem crazy to anyone else?  Or is it just me?

^^  :D   Had to smile at that nice diagram. One can see what you mean. Because it looked like such a potentially nifty PIM (Personal Information Manager), I downloaded/installed Tomboy - gtk-sharp-2.12.8-1.win32.msi in 2009. I was amazed at the complexity of just that installation. I was later reminded of it by this Dilbert cartoon:

With all its potential, and including that superb (possibly unique, so far) auto-hyperlinking of common/frequent references - redolent of Lotus Agenda - in the wiki notes, Tomboy doesn't clear many of the bars on the Comparison of notetaking software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For example, by comparison, MS OneNote goes right across the page in both the Features Comparison table and the Formatted text features, others table.
So yes, excessively complex and possibly high maintenance - just too much trouble - unless (say) you have some other purpose for making use of that topological nightmare.


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