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best code snippet tool that works with any program

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Any other suggestion similar to this? -kmkmdon (August 20, 2014, 05:50 PM)
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Better suggestion than below: just try searching DC for snippets.  That will find numerous existing threads.

The obvious one is PhraseExpress, which is free for personal use.  I've not actually used any free ones that use templates or macros, that you don't know about already.  However, some suggestions:

* Comfort Keys
Shareware.  I only briefly tried its template feature and seem to recall I found it a bit limited for what I wanted at the time.  Try before you buy...
* TwinkiePaste
Shareware, modestly priced.  Not tried by me.
* AceText
Shareware by the author of the famous EditPad editors. Not tried by me.
* Text Accelerator
Shareware, modestly priced, by the author of True Launch Bar.  Not tried by me. 
* NoteTab Light
This is an indirect solution.  NoteTab Light is a free text editor. You need the payware Pro version to get the full macro language, with extended clipboard functionality, but the free version should be enough to see if it's feasible to use it to make your own templates and snippets and send them to the clipboard.
Why not review some of DC's many threads on text expanders?  Here are some older ones to start you off:

jgpaiva's abbreviations importer

link to jgpaiva's AHK tools

Harrie's review of Instant Text, and following posts

Word AutoCompleter (mentions IntelliComplete, AutoTyping, LetMeType, AllChars, Type Pilot)


I gave up and decided to use Ars Clipboard for now. If it doesn't work, I'll check out PhraseExpress

I reviewed some of those thread but couldn't find anything useable. Lots of AutoHotKey based solutions that doesn't survive the time test, even if you try to recompile with the latest AutoHotKey. Maybe I'll write my own one day if I get enough frustrated and motivated :)

Thanks for your help

update: for SQL server management studio at least, my search is over. Apex SQL Complete does exactly what I needed and it is a free tool. It has a snippet feature where you can define variables to be prompted for user to enter.


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