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Nextdoor: The anti-facebook social network for neighborhoods

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Nextdoor is a social network designed to stay local within a neighborhood.  I don't think the claims of how many "neighborhoods" are using it mean much, but I do love to see when people explore alternative spaces -- and especially when they take a concept and look for ways to invert it.

Nextdoor is a odd outlier among today’s social networks. Signing up is an onerous process, requiring substantial proof of both your identification and address. People post messages, but they are seen only by others in the immediate area, and there is no share or retweet button to proliferate messages across the network. It feels more like a modern update on a message board or web forum than a social network. But it has struck a chord across the country.

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Good god...I don't even want to LIVE near my neighbors...letalone socialise with them ...... ;D

Good god...I don't even want to LIVE near my neighbors...letalone socialise with them ...... ;D
-Stephen66515 (August 20, 2014, 10:28 AM)
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I'm with you ... albeit separated by a really large space.

I'd still want to own the server. 8)

Because even though the neighborhoods are walled off from each other by the software, it's still all under one roof.

Hack a small local community server and you compromise one neighborhood. Hack mothership Nextdoor and you've hacked all of them.


P.S. 1 in 4 neighborhoods have signed with Nextdoor? Seriously? I'd sure love to see some proof for that boast. (I suspect there's a little finessing going on over exactly what constitutes a signed-up neighborhood - and how many neighborhoods in the USA there actually are.)

PPS - I fully intend to bring back a classic BBS. That's still on my hot project list for this year. 8) :Thmbsup:

Oooooooooooo an original bbs! Do it!


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