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Larger point Dina fonts for newer laptops with full HD resolution? (1920x1080)



Am a fan of Dina fonts, having imported them into Notepad++ editor on my older laptop and found them to be very clear for programming.

However, just upgraded to a new Lenovo ultrabook, which happens to have a 1920x1080 resolution.  For this, the largest Dina font (10pt) feels a bit on the small side after coding for several hours.

Are there any plans to produce larger point sizes?  Perhaps a 12pt?  14pt?  20pt?

Besides being useful for the new full HD screens coming out now, they would also be useful for presentations (e.g. PowerPoint)

Currently, when enlarging the font in the Notepad++ editor, it breaks up into a very dot-matrix look, which I suspect is because it does not have a larger size to switch to.

Any new sizes would certainly be worth another donation!


I wonder if one of the TrueType conversions of Dina would look better enlarged?

Many thanks!

A quick Google search on Dina TTF shows that I'm a bit late to the party ;)

But, yes, True Type Dina solves the rescaling problems in Notepad++.

Here's the link for Nathanial Sabinski's conversion of Dina to TTF:


Awesome -- and thanks for posting the link, I had forgotten where it was.  :up:


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