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Broken MS updates


I haven't heard much screaming about the bad updates from MS but MakeUseOf has answers for those with problems   :huh:


After reading Tina's article I made a big hairy decision and uninstalled the two updates that I had installed and that were reported bad  :huh:
MS pulled xxxxxx5719 and xxxxxx2781
They don't show up when you check for updates
MS is working on the problem
When MS comes up with a replacement I don't want the original to show so that the replacement will install
I haven't had any problems but one of the commenters on Tina's article noted that it was several days after he installed the updates that his problems started
end Rationale.

I'm several days down the road from installing with no problems up to this moment  8)
using a highly calculated algorithum , indomnitable courage, natural ability, and a helluva lot of luck, my conclusion is "PULLIM"


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