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Need help finding eBooks!

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I am looking for as many FREE eBooks based on Psychology, Social Work/Care (UK/England) and anything else that may help my Mrs with her studies.  She is starting her Higher Certification in Social Care before moving on to a Masters Degree and full Doctorate...but right now, she is trying to take in as much information as she can muster, so I want to help her as much as possible :)

If anybody has any resources then it would be greatly appreciated :P


Will this work? If not we'll try something else... :D

International Blogs – Free Kindle Books for International Countries
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Kindle UK – Free Kindle Books UK Email Newsletter.
Kindle Canada – Free Kindle Books for Canada.
Kindle Germany – Free Kindle Books for Germany.
Kindle Australia – Free Kindle Books for Australia.
Kindle Brazil – Free Kindle Books for Brazil.
Kindle India – Free Kindle Books for India.
Kindle Italy – Free Kindle Books for Italy.
Kindle Japan – Free Kindle Books for Japan.
Kindle Mexico – Free Kindle Books for Mexico.
Kindle Spain – Free Kindle Books for Spain.
Kindle France – Free Kindle Books for France.
Other Countries – Currently, you’ll have to use, which means this Kindle US Email Newsletter. Please Note: This takes you to US, and you have to set your country yourself.

Here's Kindle UK from Google

There's some pretty heavy stuff here.............
You're gonna have to take better care of these books than you did your ISO  :huh:

For what you want searching Amazon for "free sikology books may net some results too.
Amazon has an astonishing number of free books in all genres....


The motherload   :D


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