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Intermittent BrowserTraySwitch (BTS) startup problems.


The problem is similar to that described in Post: ?topic=33030.msg318680#new.
BTS worked perfectly when my Windows installation wasn't working correctly. It could not find the VBScript engine even though it was located properly with all reported related registry problems fixed.
I also needed to install a larger hard drive, but the existing drive was so full that I could not do a fully-software-supported drive replacement process.
After an incomplete migration to the new drive, I decided it might be a good time to reinstall Windows and possibly fix the VBScript issue and some others. This reinstallation supposedly needed to wipe the partition but did not do so. It migrated some folders and files to the new C:\ drive partition and put them in an "Old Windows" folder. I am not sure what parts of the old Windows installation's registry files was migrated to the new installation.
I'm still working to get functionality back to where it was before this reinstallation. Many applications must be reinstalled since their registry keys were not transferred to the new installation. One thing is certain, though- VBScript finally works.
I reinstalled BTS, but unfortunately, it is no longer working most of the time. The problem resembles the one described in forum posting "topic=33030.msg318680#new." when BTS starts, it immediately tries to save the IE browser information. IE is usually the default browser, but all of the *.btsregfile files already exist from when BTS was working properly.
Its annoying to have it working and not working and have no idea how to fix it. I do have one question:
Should both of the registry keys below have the same subkeys for all browsers?
They do not In my system, so maybe this is my problem?

 :( :(

hmm, let me look at the code and report -- it's been a while since i've messed with BTS.


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