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Has someone died in that house?

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What do you think about this service?

Bit creepy don't ya think?

Also....Who gives a crap if somebody has died in your house before you lived there?  I almost guarantee that somebody has died in the house I have...and I bet the same for most houses in this village...same with the factories around here (Was originally an industrial village for mills, now famous for the 'Spinning Jenny (Wikipedia)')

You mean the Spinning jennyw?  :P


Stoic Joker:
What do you think about this service? (August 17, 2014, 04:47 PM)
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To the best of my understanding the previous occupant of my house did indeed die in it...(I found out a few months after buying it)...of natural causes. I have absolutely no problem with this. However if the previous occupant had done a murder/suicide of the entire family - Or was torturing people to death, etc. ... Well I'd have liked to know that ahead of time so I could go buy something else.

So in that regard I would have to say that the site is providing a useful service. Especially since not everyone is so inclined to lead with that kind of info.


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