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screenshots when not logged into computer

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This has probably been around the block a time or two, so here goes another round.

I am needing to make a tutorial on how to log into a domain on win 7 and also to change users.  I have googled this but apparently do not have the right keywords to find what I want.

It can either be a "screenshot utility" or one that makes a movie. Whatever it is, it needs to be able to record when no one is logged into the computer. 

lookin for advice  :D

Low tech option is a camera....

Looking for something higher tech but thanks anyway.

Given that it's a bit hard to run user programs when no one's logged in, the alternative that comes to mind is hardware.

ie. Since most display adapters these days have two or more outputs, plug one into a recording device, (eg. HDMI, Composite, SVHS, etc), and configure your display adapter to clone the primary display.

Could this not be accomplished using a virtual machine?


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