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7 Best Tools To Print To PDF (From The Web)

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For this I often use PrintFriendly (, it allows you to clean and format web pages before you save page as PDF (You can also print or email the page). URL links are also preserved which is something I wanted.

Not mentioned in the "makeuseof" list is PDF24 - my favorite.   Free, easy to use, no crapware installed, it does not bug me permanently with annoying updates (some others try all over again to install the crapware - e.g. PDFcreator), plenty of options (e.g. printing to picture files).

Joe Hone:
I use CutePDFWriter, #2 on the list in the screenshot above. I like it because it is small and captures any document as a PDF. It can also capture protected PDFs (i.e. no print function) from websites by right clicking the image, clicking print and selecting CutePDFWriter in the printer box. It has saved me big time when I need copies of regulations or codes for future reference but the government site doesn't allow for printing.

PriPrinter is the true champ in this arena.

It captures printing from PC programs and from the web, and allows you to format and edit it, save it to PDF, with incredibly power and versatility.

I've evaluated many PDF printing utilities, and this is by far the best!

Steven Avery:
PriPrinter is on Bits today. However only the Standard, which I think does not have the PDF feature.


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