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Scrolling keys

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I want to cap an area in a program that can only be scrolled by click and drag or arrow keys.  There are no vertical arrows as a choice in SC and the left/right just makes it jiggle for a sec.  Manual mode works.  Also, it would be more compatible with any setup if the up/down/left/right could be defined as any keys.

If i'm understanding you correctly, what you are asking is that the vertical scrolling method, in addition to "simulate keypresses (PgUp/PgDn)" add an option "simulated keypresses (UpArror/DownArrow)",
something like that?

Exactly.  Is there info on command line options in the manual?  I have not got that far yet.

@Purecat, have a look at the little brother: minicap - there's a beta at the moment:

more info in first post there:

Let me try to add the new scrolling key options.


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