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HDMI vs Football

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I had planned to spend the weekend researching HDMI cables, trying to clear up questions remaining in my mind, but Google comes up with over 7 million hits. A little much for one session so I checked the TV schedule to see how I might break up the study session.  :huh:

Apparently we're coming up on the "football season" and since I don't know anything about football I turned to Google again for some answers. I found this explanation which seems to sum up the game and it only takes 5 or 6 minutes to understand it.
I don't mean to interrupt your research time but if you need a break this video may answer any questions you have about football.


Seeing as I am being you mean Football as in...well...actuall FOOTball...or the crap Americans call Football which you rarely use your foot to play?

I'm afraid I still don't understand any kind of football   :huh:
Andy Griffith talked about a punkin?? in the video, if that's any help?


What I mean is...American Football...or what you guys call Soccer? :P

I think he's talking about American football   :huh:
Soccer isn't popular enough in this country to put it on TV... who would watch it?  :D


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