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MiniCap: add EXIF meta data


Sorry, me again.

While testing, I saw that MiniCap didn't write meta data into the file.

So I want to ask if that would be an improvement idea?
I think I am mostly interested in
- DateTaken time stamp
- the title line of the captured app.
- the app image name
- an comment.
For the middle two there may be no equivalent exif field, but we could abuse one?

If this is to much for you, I think we can do that by utilizing Phil Harveys' ExifTool (or such) inside an batch

start "" MiniCap.exe -save %myfilename% -captureappbyname %AppnameToCapture% -exit -compress 1 -nofocus
wait 500
start "" exiftool %myfilename%
GoTo loop


I can add an option to set the exif comment from minicap.

Added, please download latest minicap BETA:

New commandline option:

-comment "comment string here"
embed (exif) comment in saved file (works on png, jpg, tiff, gif, but not .bmp)

Thank you J. for the update.

Works, fine.

I think you should mention that not all programs will detect the meta data comment for PNG and GIF, but f.ex. Phil Harveys' ExifTool will do.

So I was trapped first as I always save as PNG, and missed the comment, as my tools doesn't show them,
because normally PNG and GIF doesn't have such meta data on default and so the tools are not build to search for comment in that file types.

One can still see the comment by utilizing Notepad and searching "EXtDescription" in PNG and jump to EOF for GIFs.
Still useful if you really need to know the comment.

- - -

And there are two issues I want to bring to your attention (( Just saying, perhaps you overlooked that?)):

- command line parameter -nofocus is case sensitive. E.g. -noFocus didn't work.

- the details of the MiniCap.exe tells Version it is v1.20.02 (instead of v1.31.01)

Found another one: "shot_$uniquenum$.png" on command line have to be put inside of quotes,
just un-quoted shot_$uniquenum$.png didn't work. (but that one can guess from reading the help)

Thank you.


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