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Please - Bring Back One-Click 'To Clipboard' Feature!!!!


Greetings all,

I am a most happy regular user of ScreenshotCaptor but in the recent versions I keep hoping the One-Click (button) 'To Clipboard' feature will kindly (Please, Please, Please) make it's reappearance.

It was so handy to just click once each time the SC UI popped up and instantly have your latest screen capture ready for use in the Clipboard -- without having to click a second time to manipulate a drop-down menu and drag down to one of three selections.

After all, why have to click twice , when a single click works--and more quickly? And maybe do a ctrl-click to get the other two features?

My 1.7 cents, any others agree?

Best regards, DurlDude9

Fair enough -- whether copy-to-clipboard is a 1 or 2 step process depends partly on where you trigger it from.
Are you meaning the button on the toolbar in the main window, or the right-click menu in tray menu?

If it's the main toolbar menu, then i can easily add an option to bring back the one click action.

I'm not sure I understand the opening post.
As far as I am aware, image capture from screenshots is all sorted:
For full screen captures:

* (a) If you press PrtSc (PrintScreen), then you get a screenshot image captured by the system (as per normal) and it is also held in the Clipboard,and
* (b) if CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell) is running, then you also simultaneously get the image saved into the CHS database, and
* (c) if SC (ScreenshotCaptor) is running, then you also simultaneously get the image saved to the default SC image capture folder, and when you open SC it presents that image ready for editing.
* (d) if the SC Toolbar is up, then one click does a full screen capture per (c) (and (b) applies also).
For partial screen captures:
(i) if the SC Toolbar is up, then one click on the appropriate Toolbar button (or the relevant hotkey combo) takes care of it, and (b) and (c) above apply.
(ii) It gets even better if you are a OneNote user, because the OneNote capture tool sends clips straight to OneNote (and (b) also applies), where they are saved with metadata to a page in the default collection section, and any text in the image captured is OCRed and indexed for search and becomes metadata.

It all seems to be either one hotkey press (the relevant hotkey combo) or a single mouseclick, whichever way you look at it.
You can add intermediate steps to this if you want - e.g., if you (say) wanted to view a screen clip in SC before moving on - but I don't see how you could simplify it much further.


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