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Hardware Hackers - Need your advice


Perry Mowbray:
I'm tossing around an idea for a piece for a local exhibition, which will be based around the idea of a photo-booth.

I've done similar things, though at closed functions, where I've written a script to manage the import and mashing together of photos... but this is a bit different.

The basic concept is to have a photo-booth with indwelling computer to manage the taking and displaying of photos (at least that's where I started).
Hardware Hackers - Need your advice

The process would be something like:
1. When computer ready display green light at Go Button
2. User composes themselves and presses Go Button
3. Light displays Red
4. Audio: "1 - 2 - 3 - Smile!"
5. Camera takes photo and saves it
6. Prints receipt
7. Light displays Green
8. Runs image manipulation script
9. Displays image on external display

What I've got no idea about is:

* the ability to provide a button that starts a process on the computer (I'm thinking that sounds like a mouse?)
* the ability to do the green / red lights

Perry Mowbray:
Found buttons here:

Well, a small touch-screen and the use of WinButtons (optionally combined with WinSendKeys) could be a way to go. It offers already quite good application-launching capabilities.

The use of a touch-screen (what it seems to be used for in several real-life situations) is discussed in the same thread, starting here, and during the process of building and testing, nudone donated me a USB-connected touch-screen (for testing-purposes ;)), that could be mounted at the booth for the user to 'press' your buttons on. The $199 price-tag may be somewhat of a blocker though.

Found buttons here:
-Perry Mowbray (August 13, 2014, 01:01 AM)
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Linking from that site is an application called SparkBooth, that is quite close to the original request/idea :)

Perry Mowbray:
All good thinking, thanks


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