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Donate a Vote, Make a Mobile App Happen


Paul Keith:

I've recently discovered Applits

It's a social voting site that claims to make your ideas happen.

It works via voting and the app that gets the most votes goes into a list where developers and designers communicate to make the idea happen and you get a percentage of the profits.

This isn't much of a website review and I'm guessing, for developers, not many would like the thought of sharing an idea that might get stolen.

Can't say I blame you but for someone like me who has more ideas than skills, I find it reassuring that someone out there might make my ideas happen.

At the very least, I hope some users find some use to the page. Maybe an inspiration for a NANY project or an unexpected view of what some people's desire are.

Cheap spam:

Currently my ideas (2 public, 1 waiting for approval) need some vote so please kindly donate a vote or comment in the page or hell comment on this thread without signing up.

Why Oh Why Me?! Social Writer

The Extreme Undead To-do List

Paul Keith:
3rd idea is approved

Full description:

To-do lists are outdated. The texts are stuck on one list or folder. The only other way of filtering are through tags. What if, instead of a mindmap, you get several virtual bowls. A bowl that not only serves as your to-do list but also your reminders, your document attachments, your contacts, your app groups, your voice notes and finally your brain?

Forget e-mail inboxes, import e-mail messages into a bowl "that mixes" according to your needs.

Forget to-do lists, share to-do recipes with your team or friend.

Forget brainstorming on one map: Mix and match different ideas per bowl rather than clumsily per map.

Take advantage of the touch gestures of a mobile app instead of replicating a desktop software. Help open the world: Todo Mix!

Purpose of Idea: To go where to-do list mobile apps have yet gone before.

Features List:

Gesture based task management
Visual feedback of items
Relaxing ripples when adding tasks
File attachment
Unique "not per item" sharing

Target market: people who want to share recipes, people who need a new way to view their tasks, groups that want their own personal touches in their to-do

Barriers to entry: It's too massive to explain succinctly. You are essentially taking BumpTop movement...( ...turn it into a bowl. Get developers to find the appeal in ingredient

A few of us have been thinking about similar websites -- nice to see one up and running.

Reminds me of Chandler, the SW which is the subject of the Dreaming in Code book.

From above Wikipedia article:
Its approach is mainly based in creating a unified representation for the storage of tasks and information so that they can be classified in a homogeneous way, refining that information through an iterative workflow, and allowing easy collaboration on the defined items.
--- End quote ---


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