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Fastest note taking tool?

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Is there anything like Run where I simply press e.g. win+r right a simple small note, or paste it and it goes out of my sight? On Run I can save only one thing at a time momentarily, and with a small keyboard mistake I can lose that note.

I am imagining something like run, press a shortcut, write anything in the simple popup text box, press enter, it disappears and text is saved in a plain line be line list. press another shortcut and a simple popup display that collection of text. Is there anything like that already? I googled a lot, all todo and note taking tools are bulky with many features.

Hi lifeh2o,

Yes there is one. I use it always.




Tuxman: has some extension which does that.

Try Softvoile's Flashnote.  Available here.

Or CintaNotes if you prefer something along the lines of Evernote. Available here.

Notesholder Pro is nice.  The only thing that keeps me from giving an unmiitigated thumbs up is the lack of any kind of sync, a proprietary back end, and a lack of responsiveness from the developer.  But it is nice.


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