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The REALITY of Virtual Flight and Other Simulators (Not Just For Simmers)

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Hi Folks,

It's been awhile since I have added anything to the discussions, so I thought I might stir the pot with this tidbit...

"If one considers a flight simulation in terms of cybernetics, the experience migrates from the virtual (non-real) world to the realm of the real, albeit a miniature model. The fact is within the real RAM of the computer a real atmosphere is modeled above a real modeled world. On this world is modeled replicas of almost every entity on the planet. The aforementioned, 'atmosphere' has real properties. Gravity, inertia, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and density are just a few of the real physical attributes of this model. Within this real model are vehicles. Cars, airport tugs, buses, firetrucks, boats, ships, planes and jets are driven and piloted by invisible real robots commonly called, "A.I."  Lastly, we as real model pilots operate our Pipers, Cessnas, Airbuses, Lockheeds, etc. within this real, modeled world. Like the real-life world, we as pilots of these modeled aircraft are constrained to operate our aerial vehicles according to the properties of the modeled real world; otherwise we will suffer the real modeled consequences. So, the next time you "fly," try to picture the tiny real aircraft that is being propelled through the tiny modeled world within the reality inside your computer."
 ~ CJW

So, is it live or is it Memorex?  

Seriously, does this perception have merit?

I've often wondered the value of such simulators (flight, driving, space exploration) in the context of learning.  For better or worse, the simulation, no matter how well done, is pretty much a glorified video game.  There are no real consequences for doing something stupid and dying in the 'virtual' world.  "Well," I am told, "that makes it all the better because you can practice until you get it 'right' without dying the first time, which would be even more tragic."  True, but still... 

There are no real consequences for doing something stupid and dying in the 'virtual' world.
-Edvard (August 11, 2014, 06:50 PM)
--- End quote ---

Well...I suppose you could always wire an explosive charge to your chair and have it go off if you augured in. Would that be realistic enough? :P

 ;D ;D ;D

I've got it... rig it so the simulator knows you're trying something stupid, and when you die it uninstalls itself from your computer, de-registers your account and order from their server, and charges you a 10% "restocking fee".

Seriously though, when my son went through driving school, they touted "state of the art simulations" as part of the course.  I was skeptical.  Apparently, that was for some class other than basic driving lessons.  He got live on-the-street driving instruction the entire time, and then passed his final test with flying colors.  :Thmbsup:
Afterwards, he uninstalled TrackMania from his computer, because now that he was driving 'for real', he felt that the unrealistic simulations in that game might "throw him off" while he built up experience as a beginning driver.

I think it really depends on your level of investment

Sims will never duplicate the IRL experience because they can't duplicate the physical feedback (like shocks, noise, or the abject terror of knowing that you're plunging to a fiery death from 30000 feet, or about to plow into a concrete wall at 240kmh)

That said they can teach you routines and habits though, like the use of controls without looking at them, monitoring of instruments and the ability to understand what they're telling you while still concentrating on whatever it is your trying to do (fly a plane, drive a car, etc), emergency procedures.  They can also teach you different skills like navigating or prepare you for unfamiliar situations (emergencies, instrument ratings, a new race track etc).

I don't know any hardcore simmer's but I understand that they can (and do) take it very seriously so for them it's probably as real as it can get   


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