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SOLVED: Plea to developers: 1-step app to rotate iOS videos


I have searched far and wide and I cannot find an app that does this easily and rapidly.

Basically, here's the problem:

iPhones and iPads (along with many other devices) record based on their orientation. They record to AVC / MPEG4  / .MOV containers.
Anyways, if  you have the iPhones oriented the 'wrong' way (for example, straight up), the video will record sideways and virtually all video players will display them sideways (Zoomplayer, VLC, MPC-HD, etc.)  The only player that correctly reads the EXIF tag is Quicktime, the most bloated, crappy player of all. 

Anyways, I have all but given up trying to get developers of Zoomplayer or madVR to implement some sort of auto-rotate option, so I am turning to the source material.

I just want an app that you drag to the window and it reads the EXIF tag and rotates the video permanently accordingly.  Alternatively, one can specify how the video is to be rotated (90 C, 90CC, 180,  etc etc).

Is this at all possible?   There are many, many people who would benefit from an app like this.  I haven't found any app on the web that does this easily. If I missed something, please speak up!!

There is a program called VirtualDub, (

Go to :
Video -> Filters -> Add.. -> Rotate (and select whatever rotation you want).

Not seamless, but does the trick

I always get  The file "C:\" is of an unknown or unsupported file type with VirtualDub :(

I did some googling based on the erorr I got and found Movie Rotator.  It's not portable (uses Roaming folder for log), but it's lightweight, open source, free, and works.
It's also stupidly simple. Converts to .mp4 as well.

So my final solution to this is to dump my current video player and just use PotPlayer (the best!). It auto-rotates videos


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