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Ludum Dare 30: August 22-25, 2014

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Let the rating begin!

The Ludum Dare 30 competition/jam is officially over. Now there will be about 3 weeks in which you can play and rate the submitted games.

I just submitted my game a few minutes ago. Play it and rate it here:

I've been playing through some of the LD30 entries so I can rate them. I'm attempting to record videos of my playthroughs. I had some troubles with my microphone, either getting the volume right, or forgetting that I had it on mute, etc. :-D

Here's my playlist:

And one of my favorite games so far:

Flicker - PapaCheech - 48 Hour Compo Entry

And another notable entry:

Starpiercer - Schrodinger Games - Jam Entry

I can't tell you how impressed I am with the way you tackle these.  Not just your ability to follow through and consistently finish and submit an entry, but that you go the extra mile and write up the experience and document it.

As for your entry, I liked it!!  The sounds and the movement felt satisfying -- I find that's a hard thing for developers to get right in a game, and yours worked for me.  And the puzzle mechanic was pretty damn clever.

I loved the tutorial level and the text boxes that accompanied it -- I think you captured a nice Cthulhu spirit.

I did have some initial trouble understanding the rules, despite the tutorial.. Took me some time to figure out the critical idea about planet size, and the shield generators could be a little hard to see.

But seriously, this was a damn impressive entry  :up: :up: :up:

Thanks mouser!

That reminds me that I forgot to post about my experience write-up. It's all in the following blog post:

Ludum Dare 30 - A Postpartum

I made a timelapse and even a little "trailer" video for my game. The timelapse can be found at the link above. I'll include the "trailer" below:

The results of voting are in!

There was a survey that Ludum Dare participants could take, and here are the results:


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