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Ludum Dare 30: August 22-25, 2014

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Ludum Dare 30 is coming up fast! It will begin in just under 14 days!

This thread is the general purpose LD30 thread. Any discussion about LD30 and its games can be posted here. I plan to participate again, so I'll probably be posting about my game in this thread, but feel free to talk about any LD30 games in this thread. Also, if you know anything about coding or game making, you should participate in Ludum Dare 30! And if you don't, you should still take this opportunity to join in and learn!

Right now the Theme Slaughtering has begun. You can help decide which theme will inspire literally thousands of games by taking part in the slaughtering. I believe the slaughtering will last only a week and then the theme voting will begin.

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I've got a moral dilemma! I really don't like this theme. But it feels wrong to slaughter children. Oh, what to do? :'(

It is GOOD that the SLAUGHTER of Children leaves a BAD taste with you... :P

The slaughter is over. Now it's time to vote on the theme!

Round 2 of the voting is open!


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