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Ludum Dare 30: August 22-25, 2014

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Your World
Some kind of relative of Tower Defense kinds of games, which I occasionally really find relaxing!

Okay, this one gets "Med-Easy". I've beaten it several times, but lost several times too! I can't quite lock down the iron win strategy. Stuff that helps - go *very* stingy in the early waves, to build up gold. Because there's this strange "lightning bolt" near the enemy castle that sorta nukes your guys, so if you over build, you just lose guys to electrocution.

Also, that big Golem isn't quite as wonderful as he seems - hold off just a little, because it seems more efficient to have gold ready to slam down a stream of blue-cops and archers. It can be better to wait for them to come to you and earn 300 gold than push too hard too soon and get fried by that electro shock thing.

Final rating: Phoeni Med-Easy.


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