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This is just one of a couple dozen tips, something for everybody, and a must have. I'm posting just one tip to give you an idea of what it is and give you a sign-up for the newsletter, Freeware and no install, Chronto..... :D

Hey Folks,

I'm back with good news.  8)

I loaded the tip above to use an external editor in Firefox and had it add an icon to the taskbar.
I had already added the "no lazyload script" to defeat that idiotic feature foisted upon us by How-To-Geek.
Went to the latest HTG newsletter, got a link for their latest goodie, opened it in FF, and saved the page to disk.
Opened the saved page in FF, clicked on View in external editor, where it opened the source in Notepad2 and I brazenly removed the remaining "junk", mostly Google's, and saved the page again.
Back to File Explorer where I opened the saved, edited page, and to my amazement, I have a clean page, with images, no junk, "no you might also likes", no offers to download Google Chrome, just clean info that you could send home to Mom.  :D

The point here is that "with indomnitable courage, natural ability, and a helluva lot of luck" you might solve a problem that's been bugging you for months.  :Thmbsup:

I saw your posts on the subject.  I'm glad you found a pleasant resolution.  It makes me want to use it and I don't even save web pages.  :)


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