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Flexible Renamer is capable to use IPTC tags and place them in filenames.

...I don't use Picasa, IPTC is metadata (not in the file name) right? Do you have some way to first IPTC tag in Picasa and then convert those tags to filename tags?
-Nod5 (August 12, 2014, 08:10 AM)
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Yes, IPTC is metadata.
Tags made in photos using Picasa come out as keyword in the IPTC metadata, and as Tags in Windows Explorer.
I personally would not want to convert metadata tags to tag strings in filenames - it seems tedious and inefficient. The metadata seems useful as it is, but what bugs me is the lack of adherence/conformity to/with tagging standards.

If i didn't want to run FAR in addition to Everything , does anyone have some tips for using Everything to browse through folders easily?  I find it cumbersome right now to do that and the EVerything help manual is quite extensive so i'm looking for a couple quick tips.  :)

I for one am unable to get this script working.  It displays the first result image and then other non result images in the same folder.

It does not display the images found in other directories.

A pity it wont work in Linux


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