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Mini-Review of GNU Emacs

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-Tuxman (September 21, 2013, 04:40 AM)
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Thanks -- may be I'll give it a try.

I tried multiple cursors out a bit.

Although I encountered some things that didn't work so well, perhaps it will turn out to be handy to have another way to edit multiple areas in a similar manner (I've been using keyboard macros for similar ends).

Maybe you should report anything that looks strange to you. The development is quite active.

It appears that two of them are already known:

isearch-forward and isearch-backward aren't supported with multiple cursors. If you want this functionality, you can use phi-search.

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Commands run with M-x won't be repeated for all cursors.

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Another thing I noticed was that sometimes applying the changes to multiple areas was quite slow.  But patience took care of that :)

I've just stumbled upon 64-bit builds of Emacs 24.4-pretest. Sweet, but my window maximizing elisp code doesn't work anymore.  :(


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