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Looking for a project time tracker/nag tool that keeps me writing billable notes

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Hello forum,

I am looking for a very basic time tracking software that tracks time based on application windows title names.

I am usually only working on one or two projects at a time. Every project has its unique project number which turns up in the filename of each and every file assigned to the project.

Therefore, the software basically only should keep track how much time is spent in application windows that contain a project's number in their titlebar.

I already use a time tracking software like that which works really good. The only problem is, my current time tracking tool is working so silent in the background that I actually forget to write short descriptive texts that after like three weeks of working on Project A can be used for billing purposes.

Additionally, the software should be somewhat intelligent in the sense of noticing for example that if I have been working in a Word document related to Project A for one hour, and then spend like half an hour in the browser researching stuff (which actually might be saved in the project folder, again getting assigned filenames containing the project number), the software should ask me quickly whether this browser time was Project A related or not, including the possibility to assign a short descriptive text regarding what I have done in that last half-hour.

What I do not need is a full fledged procrastination suite with lots of analysis tools, or a large project time management software. I'd only like to track just that little bit better how much, and especially "what" actually I have been doing today in my projects A and B.

If I think about it, basically I would need the tool to do two things, additionally to just tracking window titles.

It would need to ask me questions like:

This afternoon, you have spent 4.7 hours in your project A's documents. Do you want to write a short descriptive text what you have been doing?
--- End quote ---

The last two hours, you have been working in your project A's documents, but you also have spent 50 minutes in the browser, mainly on the website "". Do you want to write a short descriptive text what you have been doing?
--- End quote ---

Thanks very much already for any suggestions
Regards David.P

What current tool are you already using?

That is an old tool called Rayflectar Project Timers that only tracks windows titles (which works great, so far).

Here's an old thread - I suspect you wont find exactly what you want but there may be something of interest there:
Best way to track the time you spend on each project. Some people on second page there combining two apps - Anuran from Skwire, and an app - like your one I think that keeps track of window titles and time spent - FWIW there's two of those on dc, old, but may still work:
Title Log

And to add a tool that's been mentioned here before (and I've had it installed for eons, but hardly ever actually, actively, use) Manic Time
IMHO it has the features you ask for, though I've not investigated much.


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